what we offer

We offer services including but are not limited to, server support, desktop support, edge security professional firewalls, VOIP telecommunications, and security cameras. We can handle a wide range of services and projects and our pledge is to give every customer professional, courteous service that you can count on. We are so confident in our work, we guarantee it!


Being able to continue as a buiness is mandatory. Diversified can accommodate backup of your infastructure, and Consult on how to imporve to continue in the case of disaster. Let us help you avoid loss upon disaster. We pride ourselves on being a “one-stop-shop” for any information technology.


Let us host your equipment or information for you. Our critical infastructre includes efficiencies that can grow with any buiness. Our network reliability, advanced security measures, and monitoring can help your company reach its goals.


Diversified IT can help you with up time. With our proactive approach to node monitoring your technology will increase performance and have better uptime. Dont wait for a disaster to be reactive. Our technicans can become your IT staff working one-on-one with your employees to resolve any issues they have in real time.


Security is always a top concern of all bueinssses. Not only can properly configured security help everyone rest at ease, but with properly configure security networking devices can communicate properly, like file shares, and phone traffic. Nobody wants a jittery one way conversation.

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